Full Face M 2100

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Full face respirator, TPE external face seal, six-band quick-fit harness and polycarbonate panoramic visor. The internal mouth and nose screens are equipped with 2 inhalation valves, to reduce fogging. Bayonet connection for use with 2 500 line filters. CE Certification.


Ficha M2100


* Respirators and filters are sold separately.

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  • Allows quick and easy connection of filters due to their
  • Made of anodic rubber.
  • Polycarbonate viewfinder.
  • EPDM rubber harness with 5 fast adjustment bands.
  • High durability and heat resistance.
  • Elastic band spare parts and valve set available to the user.
  • Extra thin inhalation and exhalation valves providing a
  • Available a complete range of simple and mixed filters, against all types of particles and chemical contaminants.


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